Why Hotels Should Support Their Customers Through Communication Channels | By Kateryna Boiko

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Why Hotels Should Support Their Customers Through Communication Channels | By Kateryna Boiko

Rushing pace of modern life cut such an important part of business as personal communication with clients, as after a person lives a hotel he forgets about it at once. Busy people always do something, meet people, chat with their partners and colleagues, but there are just 24 hours in a day for being present in all the planned places. What to say about aside things such as usual communication and paying attention to someone’s services. The truth is this – potential clients are mostly in a hurry, it is a struggle to catch them. Marketing works in favor of this situation, it teaches modern business how to leverage all the communication channels properly and creates more and more opportunities for communication with clients. The age of digitalization is already here but nothing can replace lively communication with a person.

There are several communication channels for getting in touch with your clients and customers, and we are going to discuss them all.


We begin from the option according to its cost. The answer to question “how to build an online presence” is to build your own website. So, you can have your own place for putting no less no more but only relevant things concerning your hotel. A menu may content history of a hotel, information about services and special offers. Building a website gives an opportunity to communicate with anyone visit it but turning on all the great plugins that are already available on the market. Using a website actively helps to understand the importance of online presence, as modern customers are demanding and experienced. Include online-chat of 24 hours availability, for clients to reach you and use your services anytime they may need it. If you are back up with your answer, make sure for creating a smart form for them not to go away but contact you through the website later. It may be a message on the main page about the possible time difference and promise to text a client back at the nearest time. Personal attitude matters, good businesses know it.

There was a case with me when I made a reservation in a hotel on a website in advance of 2 weeks. As I client I supposed to have made all the actions including fulfilling a form and making a payment. In a day of checking into the hotel, I got a message about the absence of free rooms and non-availability to provide me ordered services. What to say, I was shocked with the low level of customer support. As it was revealed the hotel’s website had very little people to watch a website as mostly they accepted reservation through a phone. That’s how the hotel lost a client and my credibility. It plays a big part of how efficiently you use your channels of communication, as in a positive case this, sometimes hard work is repaid with only pleasant famousness and helps to improve the user experience.

How to build a website?

It is better to hire a specialist, which will do his job taking into account everything you may need for proper work. Check this out, so you may know more about good developers’ job. As a business owner, an e-commerce website is an incredible place to sell your services to a wider market and you can offer services internationally.

Social networks

It is a rare case when a company or an enterprise do not have a social profile of themselves. The reason is simple: social media profiles give a feeling of real communication. In a hotel business, it is more than important to be closer to a client and creating a satisfaction rate. Social networks are unique free platforms where you can communicate with customers and potential buyers in all possible ways. Almost everyone is sitting in social networks: creating a hotel group and arranging an interactive, you will definitely not lose. You can conduct live communication – even from a personal page, even on behalf of the group administrator. Also, It is possible to add useful information about your hotel, organize contests for your target audience, notify about discounts, collect feedback and answer customer questions online.


Another good way to show a hotel’s internet presence is to use well-known advertisements. It takes fewer efforts and for sure much cheaper than building a website (but you’d better use this point for sure). Offer to a local online-media to write a review about your hotel, better to find reputable sources for writing the text. Eventually, you may always leave a link to the article to show good feedback on your website or in a social network. The biggest challenge is to make an agreement with the media about such a publication. There is a big severe flow of those who want their business to be placed on their pages, so you should clearly define why your hotel or chain of hotels is worthy of publication. It is better, to be honest, but persisting.

Bottom Line

The Internet is a convenient place for promotion and having a business. Using all the channels altogether help to create strong communication channels for you and your customers. In the time of severe competition win those, who have the power to claim about themselves and worldwide net gives many ways for this. Without an attractive website, your potential customers will go to your competitors who have an online presence. No matter what type of activity you have, communication channels are a great place to show your work. By including a portfolio or image gallery, as well as feedback on your work, you can demonstrate what makes your business interesting and unique.