Legacy Vacation Resorts Becomes First B Corp. Certified Multi-State Hospitality Company

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Legacy Vacation Resorts Becomes First B Corp. Certified Multi-State Hospitality Company

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLA.—Florida-based Legacy
Vacation Resorts
has officially achieved Certified B Corporation Status, becoming the first
multi-state hotel and vacation ownership company in the country to secure the
prestigious designation. Administered by the nonprofit, B Lab, Certified
B Corporations
businesses that voluntarily meet the highest standards of social and
environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to
balance profit and purpose through third-party review. The certification for
LVR comes on the heels of a year-long process to align every aspect of the
company with B Lab’s requirements. In that time, LVR has introduced multiple
efforts towards a more sustainable business model, including carbon footprint
offsetting, waste reduction and enhanced recycling efforts, sustainable
lifestyle awareness campaigns, green-focused renovation projects and a living
wage initiative for employees in its eight locations across four states.

Certified B Corporations, or “Certified B Corps” are accelerating a global
culture shift by building a more inclusive and sustainable economy through a
redefinition of success in business. Certified B Corps use profits and growth to
achieve positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment.
In order to secure the designation, Certified B Corps must achieve a minimum
verified score on the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous appraisal of a company’s
impact on its workers, customers, community, and environment, that will
ultimately be made public on their website for complete transparency.
Furthermore, the certification does not simply prove where a company currently
excels, but amends legal governing documents for the business, committing
ownership to consider stakeholder impact and the balance of profit and purpose
for the long term.

“At the start of this journey, I simply began researching ways that I could
utilize my resources and abilities to improve society,” said Jared Meyers,
Co-Owner of Legacy Vacation Resorts. “Through that process, I learned of others
directing the prosperity of their businesses towards the greater good. The most
credible businesses doing so were Certified B Corporations. They stood out
to me because of their wholistic view of the business, the rigorous
verification of business practices, and their values aligned with mine. I am
beyond excited to be part of the team that achieved this distinguished
certification for Legacy Vacation Resorts.”

Florida for Good Created

Hoping to inspire other organizations to follow a similar path, Meyers
co-founded the Florida for Good movement, which funds free
resources and events to facilitate the spread of business for good and
Certified B Corps. Since its inception, LVR has donated more than $50,000 to
the group’s charitable endeavors, with Meyers also dedicating a significant
amount of his personal time and income to its growth. As part of their
missions, LVR and Florida for Good encourage companies to take the free
impact assessment
they can learn how they measure up against other businesses and learn about the
areas in which they can most improve.

Each of the new initiatives introduced as part of the certification process led
to the debut of a shift for LVR toward a more sustainable legacy. As part of
these efforts, travelers can now offset 100 percent of the carbon footprint
from their stay when booking directly through the resort. In addition, the
company offers an option for guests to donate 5 percent of their reservation to
a charity of their choice. Furthermore, they have forged a partnership with
Clean the World, another Certified B Corp, that recycles their used hygiene
products and repurposes them back to vulnerable communities around the globe.
They are also working on their existing buildings to create green renovations
by utilizing eco-friendly materials and Energy Star appliances and fixtures,
and they supply electric vehicle chargers at each property, further encouraging
the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Internally, they are creating a
culture of sustainability with employees by encouraging them to make
sustainable choices in their daily lives, making a commitment to spend $300,000
annually on raises to ensure each employee is paid a living wage and offering
opportunities to receive paid time off in pursuit of volunteer activities as
part of their “Day of Hope” campaign launched in 2018.

“This brand relaunch showcases our commitment to a more sustainable future,”
said Tony Picciano, President & Chief Operating Officer. “We are so pleased
to have been officially awarded our B CorpCertification and
look forward to the continued implementation of sustainability efforts
throughout each of our properties. Our mission at Legacy Vacation Resorts is to
help families and friends create unique and lasting memories on their travels
in a way that is respectful to the environment, employees and the communities
where they are found, and we feel that we will now be able to deliver on that
mission better than ever before.”

Member of 1% For The Planet

In addition to becoming a Certified B Corporation, LVR is the only multi-state
hotel company to be a member of 1% For The Planet, a network of more than
1,500 member businesses, numerous individuals, and thousands of nonprofit
partners in more than 40 countries. The organization is fostering a global
movement, inspiring businesses to support environmental solutions by making a
simple commitment to donate 1 percent of their revenue sales to various
charities working in one of six core focus areas including climate, food, land,
pollution, water, and wildlife. The company is also a proud partner of Conscious
Capitalism International
, an organization that maintains a philosophy
based on a simple idea that when practiced consciously, business innately
elevates humanity.

“With these various internal changes, partnerships and our B Corpcertification,
I sincerely believe we will experience company growth, as well as an additional
type of traveler at our properties,” said Meyers. “These new travelers will
share our values and place importance on social responsibility, environmental
responsibility and sustainable travel when it comes to selecting their
accommodations. I am looking forward to the relaunch of the brand and the many
ways in which the company will contribute to the greater good for years to