Sabre Introduces Digital Airline Commercial Platform

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Sabre Introduces Digital Airline Commercial Platform

Earlier this year, Sabre announced plans for a commercial platform and it has now been officially introduced, with Aeroflot, Ethiopian Airlines and Etihad Airways as launch partners.

Sabre’s Commercial Platform uses intelligent retailing that includes dynamic pricing capabilities, a flexible and open API hub, an ultra-fast shopping engine and a mobile-first, consumer-grade workspace for airport agents.

“The development of our new Digital Airline Commercial Platform marks a major advancement in the technological capabilities available to airlines,” said Dave Shirk, Sabre president of Travel Solutions. “The platform gives airlines a competitive edge to differentiate themselves while further enhancing the travel experience with industry-first retailing capabilities. Success in today’s dynamic environment requires technology that will push the boundaries – the Commercial Platform we’re announcing today will transform the way airlines do business moving forward.”

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The new solution is a redesign of Sabre’s Interact Interface and is designed to increase airport agent’s productivity. Sabre’s Digital Workspace enables agents to deliver a seamless and personalized airport experience to customers via mobile devices.

“Investing in new capabilities is critical to our airline and guest experience, and Sabre’s digital technology will help us achieve our vision of becoming one of the world’s most innovative and customer-centric carriers,” said Ilia Perevalov, deputy chief information officer at Aeroflot. “In today’s digital world, our customers expect a reimagined air travel experience. As the Digital Workspace launch partner, we will transform the airport experience to be less stressful, more seamless and more personalized – taking another step towards becoming a truly digital airline.”

Ethiopian Airlines has already realized the potential of the Digital Workspace.

“As a beta partner for Sabre’s new Digital Workspace, we have already seen compelling results. The new solution dramatically reduces the amount of time our agents need to spend on their screens, enabling them to focus more on customer interaction. We are excited to quickly roll out this technology and believe it will give us a competitive edge by offering our passengers the seamless journeys they desire.”

Dynamic Availability is the platform’s pricing optimization technology and it is being used by launch partner Etihad, and the airline has found success.

“Building solutions with real-world data and receiving continuous feedback from the airline are key ingredients to successful development,” said Bhaskara Rao Guntreddy, head of solutions and innovation at Etihad Airways. “During initial testing phases, Sabre’s fares optimization and dynamic pricing technology have already proven their potential to achieve incremental revenue growth. By using Dynamic Availability, our pricing analysts at Etihad can be more aligned to our business strategy.”