Seadust Cancun Family Resort Adds Lifeguard Drone

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Seadust Cancun Family Resort Adds Lifeguard Drone

The Seadust Cancun Family Resort announced the addition of a lifeguard drone to ensure the safety of guests staying at the property.

The drone will lend aid to lifeguards already working the resort’s beaches by supporting safety equipment and providing emergency floatation devices. With the addition, Seadust becomes the first property in the popular Mexican tourist destination to utilize a lifeguard drone.

The NORAS Performance-designed U SAFE drone is a lightweight float that is remote controlled and can easily maneuver through the water to bring aid to struggling swimmers.

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“Beyond setting the stage for a memorable family beach vacation, guest safety is Seadust Cancun’s greatest priority,” Seadust Cancun Family Resort CEO said in a statement. “Our investment in a lifeguard drone represents our commitment to guest safety and allows us to better provide an ideal and positive family vacation for our visitors. We are also very proud to be the first resort in the Cancun area that will implement this technology.”

With a top speed of around 18 miles per hour, the drone is expected to arrive at the resort in August and can be controlled from three miles away, making it ideal for deployment from the shoreline.

Once the new U SAFE drone arrives at Seadust, human lifeguards will begin training in how to utilize and optimize the technology in the field.