SkyTeam Announces New Technology

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SkyTeam Announces New Technology

SkyTeam, the global airline alliance co-founded by Delta Air Lines, says it has reached a milestone in the development of technology designed to deliver seamless travel for customers.

New technology known as SkyLink Digital Spine is now being used to enhance SkyTeam’s offerings with new functionalities, Delta said in a statement.

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Unique to SkyTeam, the new functionality associated with the SkyLink Digital Spine is intended to gradually facilitate the exchange of information (such as seat maps) between the alliance’s 20 members. It will also allow the member airlines to cross-sell ancillary products.

“Ultimately, it will help member airlines solve common travel pain points and offer customers greater simplicity and convenience when flying across multiple SkyTeam members,” the airline said in a statement.

SkyLink Digital Spine is designed to bridge technology differences between members, allowing format translation and exchange of messages.

In addition, with SkyLink Digital Spine in place, customers will be able to seamlessly book free seats, paid for seats and other ancillary products for all legs of their journey, regardless of which SkyTeam member they booked their ticket with, Delta said.

Delta and Aeromexico, which recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of their partnership, will be the first to take advantage of the technology, gradually rolling out the product in mid- July.

Customers booking via the airline’s website will be able to purchase seat products at their own convenience, for their entire journey, when flying on an itinerary with the two airlines.

“SkyTeam is the alliance that listens to its customers and we continue to invest in innovative technology to make their traveling lives easier,” Perry Cantarutti, SkyTeam’s CEO, said in a statement. “The SkyLink Digital Spine is the latest in a long line of industry-leading initiatives that we have developed to solve travel pain points that frequent flyers come up against most.”

Designed in response to customer feedback and airline member input, application of The Digital Spine will be significantly expanded over the next three years.

Gradually more members will use the platform on interline itineraries to capture and find baggage, provide seamless check-in, supply all boarding passes, show real-time availability of seats and enable the purchase of ancillary types with miles.

The new SkyLink Digital Spine is just one of many initiatives SkyTeam has developed and implemented this year. Additional efforts have included:

—SkyTeam Rebooking. Officially launched in January, the innovative technology solution is designed to reduce inconvenience caused to customers by flight delays, cancellations, and diversions. Already helping thousands of customers during irregular operations at 43 airports worldwide.

—SkyTeam also recently launched airport maps, designed to help customers find their away around SkyTeam’s global hubs, reducing stress and making the transfer process smoother.