OTA Insight Partners With Outrigger Hotels and Resorts

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OTA Insight Partners With Outrigger Hotels and Resorts

Outrigger Hotels and Resorts is set to begin using OTA Insight, a cloud-based data intelligence platform designed for the hospitality industry.

The hotel and resort company, which includes condominiums, and vacation resort properties in Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region, is utilizing OTA Insight to help understand pricing trends and obtain greater market insight.

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“Not maintaining parity is one of the largest threats to our brand and OTA Insight allows us to efficiently track down rate parity violations. Additionally, we are able to measure parity loss by property, which allows us to hold our revenue leaders accountable across various locations,” Jenna Villalobos, vice president of revenue management, Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, said in a statement.

The partnership represents a significant milestone for OTA Insight. Now, 30,000 hotels worldwide are benefiting from the data intelligence platform. The milestone is also an example of OTA Insight’s strong growth in its North American and APAC business divisions.

“Our platform allows hoteliers to focus on the data sets that matter most to achieve their revenue goals,” Gino Engels, co-founder and CCO of OTA Insight, said in a statement. “We are thrilled Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, as well as our other 30,000 customers, continue to drive value in our user-friendly revenue management tools, and specifically our parity monitoring capabilities.”

OTA Insight provides the tools to make smarter pricing and distribution decisions and enables hoteliers to manage and track all the relevant factors that can impact demand.

Through the partnership, hoteliers at Outrigger Hotels and Resorts will have access to a suite of revenue intelligence solutions including OTA Insight’s rate intelligence dashboard, parity monitoring, events tracker, and ranking and review analytics.

“Although we are still in the early rollout phase, we have already seen gains in being able to diagnose, communicate, and address pricing issues quickly across our properties,” said Villalobos.