WTTC Pushing for More Biometrics in Travel Industry

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WTTC Pushing for More Biometrics in Travel Industry

During the recent World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) summit in Buenos Aires, officials focused on security and migration facilitation through the use of technology, crises management and sustainable growth in the tourism industry.

The WTTC found during the summit that 47 percent of tourism jobs will be automated in the future. While the findings are concerning, it’s important to point out that one in every five jobs created in 2017 was related to tourism and travel.

Tourism officials believe the travel industry could create an estimated 100 million new jobs over the next decade if infrastructure investment is planned for airports, roads and seaports; and technology such as biometrics is implemented to make the travel process more efficient and safe.

The conference focused heavily on the use of biometrics and their application to the tourism industry. In recent years, governments across the world have looked to biometrics as a key in the fight against terrorism and ensuring the safety of travelers.

Biometrics are already in use at airports such as John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, where the technology is being used during the check-in and boarding processes, while also speeding up security procedures without sacrificing safety.

At Mexico City International Airport, kiosks were recently installed that utilize biometrics, and while tourism officials hailed it as a good start, they acknowledge the need for the process to be comprehensive.